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the title basically says it all.

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Zhong Biao is a leading contemporary painter hailing from China.  His portrayals of China’s social reforms through the visual symbols Chinese people are familiar with combined with surreal/ethereal compositions takes representations of China’s past glories, the labor models of the Cultural Revolution, and such symbols of modern life as McDonalds and Boeing aircrafts to another level.

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"Outkast ATLast" Acrylic July 2014 by Dominique Francis


New Mythology collage series by Eugenia Loli

"My homage to Greek heritage: re-imagining ancient Greek mythology in a surreal, vintage setting." (text from

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it’s like i’m living la vida without the loca

my dad when my mom said we weren’t having pizza (via pemsylvania)

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Buster Keaton (October 4, 1895 – February 1, 1966), “The Great Stone Face”

A man famous for directing and acting in silent films, his deadpan expression, physical comedy, and, featured above, his stunt performance.  This man did all his own stunts, and they are amazing.

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